Women's Retreats

Gather with other women who are honoring their journey of enrichment, evolution and personal growth. 


Variety of self development exercises and deeper dives into your intuitive goddess energy

Meditation by the Beach

Intentional Living

Rise above challenges & Thrive in adversity

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Wellness Wisdom

Focus on self-healing & General well being

Starting a Bonfire

Zena Survival

Learn and Practice basic Self-reliance skills

Tarot Cards

Mystical Meandering

Explore your powers of  intuition & divination

Color Focused Retreats

Exploring our subconscious connection to the multitude of colors of our daily lives, our overall health and ability to influence our world

Hand Holding Color Swatches

Subconscious Color


Colorful Language

Polished Stones

Chakra Shocker

Retreat Details

Intentional Living

Retreat focuses on how the recent world changes influence our daily lives and how we can rise above the challenges and thrive regardless of adversity.
Some topics and exercises:​

  • Identifying the influence of strong women

  • End of body bashing

  • Striving for Inner balance

  • Living by your cycles

  • Managing your energy

  • Simplify your life

  • Tuning in to your inner guidance

Meditation by the Beach

Wellness Wisdom

Empower yourself with effective methods for self healing and general well-being.
Example of topics and exercises: 

  • Breath work

  • Meditation

  • Self-massage Healing techniques

  • Essential oil basics

  • Create body products

  • Bach flower remedies

  • Lunar cycle rhythms

  • Colorful Nutrition

  • Mindful eating

  • Creative therapy

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Mystical Meandering

These retreats are for those who are curious to learn more about trusting their intuition through various forms of divination.  We explore the way nature communicates with us and how to attune ourselves to the energies around us. 

  • Smudging and grounding​

  • Runes stones

  • Oracle cards

  • Pendulum and dowsing

  • Understanding Tarot

  • Birth chart analysis

  • Astrology basics

  • Lunar cycle living

  • Sigil making

Tarot Cards

"Heal your Inner Child with Color" Retreat
Sept 16 - 18, 2022

I’m excited to be able to offer this amazing opportunity for women to gift themselves an affordable get away weekend. The investment for this type of boutique Retreat usually starts at $475. Fortunately I am able to offer two night’s accommodation on a beautiful ranch in north Texas in air conditioned, modern-farmhouse style cabins, (with all the usual amenities included), relevant retreat activities, AND five freshly prepared meals by a professional chef, for the amazing rate of $350 per person.  If you sign up before August 10th you receive the early registration rate of only $280 per person!!!

This weekend retreat will focus on YOU!  During the retreat, we will explore facets of your childhood experience and soul contracts, which may be unresolved, and hinder you from achieving your fullest potential.  Although the title of the retreat is “Healing the Inner Child with Color” you may choose to heal your inner child by sleeping all weekend, and that’s perfectly fine.  The Retreat activities are planned so that you have plenty of time to catch up with your girlfriends, read a book, hike, paddle board, watch the sunrise, take photos with longhorns at sunset, breathe clean country air, stargaze at night, or just laze in a hammock and sip on your favorite beverage. 

Hurry and book now at www.oxyzena.com. Accommodations are shared, so gather your friends and celebrate life with a grown-up "sleepover"!  You will be glad you did.

Happy Mother with her Child

Color Focused Retreat Details

Color Paint Palette

Subconscious Power of Color

  • How color influences mood & health

  • Find your birth and name color

  • Discover your karmic color

  • Cosmic color meditation

  • Create personalized color affirmations with sigils

  • Intuitively sense what your color choice reveals about your future

Colorful Bubbles

Using Colorful Language

What subconscious messages does your clothing color choice reveal about you?
Discover other people's secret messages through their color selections.

  • Body language of color 

  • Subconscious color choices

  • Taste Color Solarized water

Polished Stones

Chakra Shocker

Recognize when your Chakras are out of balance.
Learn which energy centers control your emotional, mental and physical self. Utilize color to harmonize your endocrine system for optimal health.

  • Color correspondence to Chakra centers

  • Color baths

  • Vibrational sound balancing

  • Eat the rainbow

  • Gemstone and Crystal correspondences