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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

About OxyZena

Meaning of OxyZena


  • Represents Oxytocin (the happy love hormone)              

  • Oxygen, reminding us to breathe when times are tough.



  • "Zen" reminding us to remain balanced and grounded       

  • zena (zshena) means "woman" in Czech, my mother-tongue. 

Meet Daniela

Tarot Card Therapist, Reiki Master, Teacher, Transcendent Explorer & Creator of OxyZena

Daniela Lancaster is a former Art and History teacher. Later in life she obtained her Massage Therapy license (2006) and Reiki Master certification (2007). She is an intuitive healer, who uses Tarot Cards, the Chakra system, astrology and art therapy to help her clients negotiate the ups and downs of life.  She incorporates healing modalities from other cultures as well as her own Bohemian traditions. (Yes, Bohemia is a region in Europe called Czechia now. Not a “hippie” lifestyle.)  She includes the Sangoma traditions of the Zulu of her adopted country, South Africa, and embraces the reverence for nature of the First Nations of America. 

Her passion for education and the healing arts is expressed through her retreats in particular. She has a deep desire to provide learning experiences where women empower themselves through knowledge and exciting exploration of topics they may never have even heard of, as well as helping women manifest and break through blockages by utilizing spell work.

OxyZena Retreats are events for women where they feel welcomed, supported and accepted as part of a tribe.  They are encouraged to be their unique and authentic selves. Whether that means no make-up, flip flops, ponytails and yoga pants, dancing under a full moon, or even taking a splash in the sea or lake - sky-clad!  This is a No Judgement Zone!

If this resonates with you on any level - join in!  
Your OxyZena tribe is excited to meet you. 

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