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Candles & Plants

Group Events

Book your personal group or corporate event for Healing Sound Baths with optional aromatherapy, Guided meditation and Therapeutic Art.

Group size minimum of 6 participants. Text 817 253 8540 for quickest response.

Healing Sound Baths with Guided Meditation

The deeply healing vibrations of Crystal singing bowls, rain sticks and gongs create a tranquil symphony which balances energy centers/ Chakras. The included guided meditation offers a more profound form of relaxation. 

Sound Healing

Tarot Therapy

Allow my 2 decades of Tarot card experience to be a hit at your next event.  I include astrology, oracle cards and my intuition to offer comprehensive readings. Contact me and we will design your unique event together.
Text or call 817 253 8540

Tarot Reading

Silver Sage Ceremony

Menopause is not typically something that women are thrilled about.  Symptoms like mood swings, hot flashes and weight gain are not usually causes for celebration.  This is precisely why the Silver Sage Ceremony was created.  This is a time for women to embrace the wisdom reached at this stage of their lives and to enjoy the special sense of freedom.  The ceremony offers an opportunity to reflect on all she has achieved, birthed and nurtured. This is a four hour sacred ceremony where the honored sage woman enjoys pampering, relaxation, and laughter while she is embraced by the support of her sisters. 

$795 per group plus travel expenses
(max. 10 women)

Please call Daniela 817-253-8540 for a personal consultation for your Silver Sage Celebration ritual

Women with Sparklers

Therapeutic Art

Select from three art activities which offer direction for self refection and transformation through the process of creating.  Maximum 12 in a group.
Activity selection: setting healthy boundaries, creating inner peace, recognizing one's full potential.


Couple's Celebration

Celebrate your relationship and grow closer while

learning Swedish massage techniques used by licensed massage therapists.  With this knowledge you can offer each other relaxation, nurturing, and a chance for a unique bonding experience.

​During this 3.5 hour session you will receive

  • brief theoretical instruction

  • practical demonstration 

  • one on one lesson

  • hints and techniques to set the perfect ambiance

  • essential oil basics

 $495 plus travel expenses

Please contact Daniela 817-253-8540 to book your special event.

Couple at the Beach

Divenka Sacred Ceremony

The rite of passage when a girl starts her menstruation is a special occurrence in her life but in the western culture it is often overlooked.  The Divenka (which means “young woman” in Czech) ceremony is created to make the young lady feel honored as the potential life giver of future generations. It offers an opportunity for her female relatives to gather around her, to pamper her; and to share their wisdom, advice and life experiences with her.  She will be honored, blessed and encouraged to embrace this new chapter of her life with pride, confidence and positive body image. This 4 hour celebration package includes:

  • preparation for ceremony

  • blessing ritual

  • activities for celebration

  • All supplies necessary for the ceremony

  • A commemorative gift for the honored young lady

    $650 plus travel expenses

Please call Daniela 817-253-8540 for a consultation

Female Family Members
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